Lisbon Oil Change

Oil Change Pricing

When you’re ready for an oil change, come to Value Automotive. We provide quality oil changes to customers in Lisbon Falls, ME, Lewiston, ME, Brunswick, ME and surrounding areas.

Full Service with Mobil 1 SuperSyn – $55.95
• Fully synthetic formulation
• Resists oxidation and oil thickening at high temperatures
• Provides exceptional lubrication at very low temperatures, especially at start-up, when significant engine wear can occur

Full Service with Mobil High Mileage – $52.95
• Conventional motor oil that includes seal conditioner to help prevent leaks in higher mileage engines
• Specially formulated to protect higher mileage vehicles

Full Service with Mobil Clean 5000 – $35.95
• Conventional motor oil with 16% more detergency (compared to Mobile Clean) to help prevent the formation of sludge and harmful deposits

Oil and Filter Change – $29.95
• Price assumes 5 quart oil capacity and standard filter

Diesel Service Featuring Mobil Delvac 1 – CALL FOR PRICING
• (15w40) Or Mobile 1 Synthetic (5w40)
All services listed above come with free fill of all fluids (windshield wash, coolant, brake and power steering fluid. We will also check the air pressure in your tires and vacuum the interior of your vehicle.